New Year's Day Antique Auction

Saturday, January 1 - noon

234 W. Washington Street - Corry, Pa


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This year we have a great lineup of quality antiques, antique firearms, gold jewelry, and more!


Photos will be coming soon!


Breakfast and lunch will be served


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Current Antique Gun List:


Make Mod Ser. Cal. Type
Not Pictured Yet- Lancaster County Flintlock signed Melchoir Fordney
1- W. McCulluo O/U Caplock Brookville # nsn .40cal rifle
2- J Goodien Blaine MH # nsn .45cal rifle
3- Target Rifle Caplock # nsn .45cal rifle
4- Armsport Italy Springfield 1861 # nsn .58cal rifle
5- Sharps Shiloh new Mod. 1863 # 9251 .50cal rifle
6- J Henry Caplock Steahtam Lock # nsn .36cal rifle
7- Musket Caplock Neyse Lock # nsn 12ga shotgun
8- Shanifield Clarion, Pa # nsn .44cal rifle
9- C Berger Caplock Detroit, MI # nsn .40cal rifle
10- Allen & Thurber Pepper Box # nsn .32cal revolver
11- No Maker Marks Double Percussion # nsn .40cal revolver
12- No Maker Marks Pepper Box # nsn .30cal revolver
13- No Maker Marks Percussion # 373 .30cal pistol
14- No Maker Marks Brass Frame # nsn .22cal pistol
15- US Civil War Bridssburo Rifle # nsn .58cal rifle
16- US Civil War 1861 # nsn .58cal rifle
17- US Springfield 1863-1864 Civil War # nsn .58cal rifle
18- US Springfield 1861 Native American # nsn .58cal rifle
19- US Springfield 1864 Civil War Musket # nsn .60cal rifle
20- Springfield 1861 # nsn .58cal rifle
21- US Springfield 1826 Percussion Conversion # nsn .69cal rifle
22- US Springfield 1863 Musket Civil War # nsn .58cal rifle
23- US Springfield 1884 Fowler # nsn .69cal rifle
24- L.G& Y 1864 Civil War # nsn .60cal rifle
25- US Providence Tool Co. 1864 Civil War # nsn .62cal rifle
26- No Maker Marks Percussion # nsn .44cal rifle
27- US Springfield Foraging Musket # nsn .69cal rifle
28- US Springfield 1861 Civil War Musket # nsn .60cal rifle
29- Kentucky Full Stock Percussion # nsn .36cal rifle
30- AAI Maker Percussion Half Stock # nsn .36cal rifle
31- US Harpers Ferry Flintlock 1841 # nsn .69cal 12ga rifle


Civil War M-1850 Confederate Infantry Officers Saber
US Civil War M-1840 Calvary C&J Maker
US M-1873 Springfield Bayonet & Scabbard
US M-1873 Springfield Bayonet & Scabbard MGM Property
US M-1873 Springfield Bayonet & Scabbard
US Model 1860 Civil War Calvary Ames Mfg. 1864
Civil War Model 1860 USS Navy Cutlass



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Current Pocket Watch List:

Silver Elgin Watch
Longines 14K
Rockford 1909
Unknown Antique Silver Watch
Crosby 17J
Elgin 17J

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